Hi Everyone. I hope you're all safe and well!

Just wondering, do you listen to Podcasts? 🎧

I find I'm listening to more and more at the moment - some educational and some entertaining. 😁 I've even gone so far as to start my own!

I'd be interested to know what you're listening to - maybe we can start a list.

BTW, if you're interested, mine is the Video Marketing Confidence podcast. It's available on Spotify and iTunes.

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  • Congrats on starting your own Podcast Diana, thats brilliant.

    I switch beween audio books and podcasts - at the moment I've been listening to a series called Death in Ice Valley an investigation into an unsolved mystery. Looks like I'll have Mike Higher and yours to my to listen to list! :) 

  • I love Jay Shetty's podcast and I also listen to a lot of investigation ones too, like Mile Higher Podcast. Well done on yours, I'm starting one soon too :)

    • Jay has a very interesting series. I've not listened to Mile Higher yet. 

      Let us know when you start yours so we can all have a listen

  • I haven't listened to too many podcasts over the years but will most likely to listen to a few more in the current times! Really liked your one about script v no script. Very useful, thank-you. And confirmed I'm going with no script!

    • Let us know what you do end up listening to.

      I always thought you were a no-script kind of guy 😄

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