Random Fact

Taking a little break from work and need a distraction. Thought I'd put it out there a little 'just-for-fun'.




It's impossible to lick your elbow!


Did you just try it??


What's your random fact? Let us know in the comments and let's see how many we can get!




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  • Koalas have finger prints very similar to humans. 

  • Loving the replies so far, thanks guys! 


    Here's another one from me: If you lift a kangaroo's tail off the ground it can't jump.


    Anyone able to test it out?? :)

  • The Queen is a trained mechanic. No joke!

    When she was 16, she joined the Britsh employment agency, the Labour Exchange, where she learned the basics of truck repair, including how to change a tire and repair engines. 

  • Aberdeen is the home to the first electric car in 1839. Robert Davison demonstrated the first "electric carriage" from his premises in Canal Road. He also built the first "electric railway locomotive in 1842.

  • Did you know the Unicorn was the national animal of Soctland. 


    Given that a unicorn is a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion.

    So come on investors - come to Scotland.


    Scotland's National Animal - The Unicorn
    Discover more about the unicorn, Scotland's national animal, and find places in Scotland where you can go unicorn spotting, including castles and pal…
  • The average person will spend six months of their life waiting for red lights to turn green. ..longer in Aberdeen when you are in a hurry!!!!!!

  • Of course I tried it!

    Mine - did you know that Tony Finau has the most Top 10s on the PGA Tour in the last 4 years without a win (28)??

  • I actually didn't realise until about a year ago that the delivery company YODEL stands for YOur DELivery... did you know? 

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