Hello ABN'rs - it's been a while since I've connected with you and I'm loving the new (not so new website) Andrew.   

If anyone is interested in learning more about St-Art Healing please give me a shout.  I am happy to report that the mix of reiki and positive thinking sessions are st-arting to help people on their own healling pathways.

Wee update - so I've been busy this year building up st-art healing and gaining lots of new clients and students in the process. 

Around May I started working part time for CLAN cancer support services as Aberdeenshire Area Co-ordinator and in charge of the Central Aberdeenshire area, where I co-ordinate the wellbeing services, raise awareness and raise funds.  We receive no government funding so that is a huge part of what happens in my role.  If anyone would like me to come out and deliver a talk to your organisation on CLAN services please get in touch.

I've also started a 3 year MSc in Mindfulness with Aberdeen University.  Busy times!

And I've also decided to sell my gorgeous flat and move back oot into the country and in the next few years will be adding mindfulness courses to St-Art Healing - hopefully all located in a beautiful rural setting on the foothills of Bennachie! 

Here's a link to my sale if anyone knows anyone looking for a beautiful bargain!

Hopefully see you all soon, in the meantime I'm looking forward to re-connecting with you virtually.



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  • Welcome back Janine! And it's all go with you! Thanks for sharing an update with the members and see you again soon
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