5193315053?profile=RESIZE_710xMyself & my team at 2 Circles Northeast spent an hour yesterday with Fifth Dimension Magic - being taught juggling over a Zoom call!

It really was time well spent, for all of us!

It is important to spend time with your colleagues out with work, and as no one can do that right now - this was a perfect solution!

What and how have you all been doing to keep team spirit up and also your mental wellbeing?

John Willis (Director at 2 Circles Communications Northeast


Juggling is the ultimate in stress relief

When you are learning to juggle, you are immediately absorbed in the activity. It’s almost impossible to think of anything but the task at hand. This makes it a great way to escape any worries, stress, hardships, or anything that might be hanging over your head.

Say you are overwhelmed with so much at work that you can barely think straight. If you pick up the juggling balls or scarves for as little as 5 minutes and practice, you will clear your mind and be able to tackle your job with more clarity and focus.

This effect is truly amazing. JuggleFit classes open with some discussion on juggling. Usually we can tell that some of the students are still thinking about the traffic jam they encountered on the drive in, or the grocery list they must fill after the class. But the minute we hand out those juggling scarves and begin to teach, every student is fully absorbed in the moment. We ask them if they are able to think about anything else, and they laugh and say ‘no way’!

Juggling truly is one of the quickest ways to take your mind off something, which makes it the perfect form stress relief.


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  • Get some clips up of the teams skills! 

  • Loving it John!  Sounds like golf - stressless, clarity, focus - see you on the course soon!

    • thans Neil - it was a great seminar to do!


  • That looks like so much fun! Keep juggling!

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