Lots of fab reviews with my VEGAN and allergy free bakes...

”Hi Allison. It was a perfect day. Your cakes were sensational and we got so many great comments. Happy to pass on a testimonial if you advise the best way of doing this? Warmest Regards...”

Like people, style with no substance is empty, two things guaranteed with my cakes, and bakes, are style AND substance. It’s got to taste as good as it looks!

Everything is freshly baked to order, NO packet mixes, you won’t find Baba adding water to flavoured artificial powders, or buying premade frozen cake from the internet. ;-) 


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  • Hi Allison,I was at the Deeside Food Festival yesterday and watched some fantastic demonstrations on all things Vegan. Whether it is for intolerance, allergy or plain old for better health there seems to be a huge appetite and interest on how easy swaps can help people achieve a Vegan diet. Agree on the style and substance ... it is all about the taste!
  • YES to vegan cakes!
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