Thank-you Helen Mill/The Alternative Board and Jeanette Lowe/Redballoon PA for helping at our stand at BeBrave! yesterday; thank-you Elevator/Business Gateway for running a most excellent event; and thank-you to everyone we chatted with. Some pics below!












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  • Sounded like a great day but think Andrew definitely needs to work on his camera skills ;-)
  • Glad you enjoyed the BeBrave! festival Jeanette :-)
  • I had a great time yesterday, although my feet were a bit sore by the time I finished! It was a lot of fun chatting to so many ABN members and also meeting lots of potential new members! There were some fascinating stories and ideas.
    Great photos by the way :-)
  • Thank you so much for exhibiting with us ABN! We had a fantastic time and glad you did too. What was the highlight of the day for you?
    • The caramel shortbread! No, only joking! For me, it was a mixture of a really good atmosphere and the chance to speak with so many new and existing contacts
  • Andrew - let me guess which photos you took? ;)
    • Haha! Love's a blur effect.
    • Ha ha. There's no need to be cheeky!
  • We had a fantastic day which is only made possible by the people who support and attend. Thanks you ABN for being part of our event and to all those who attended. #BeBrave #BusinessSupport
  • Everyone looks so happy!
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