Many thanks to the members who attended this morning's Turn Your Online Networking Into Sales training session. I look forward to seeing you all benefitting from your excellent - and consistent - online activity!

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  • Sarah, 11.20pm? I like your dedication. Well done!

    Ian, thank-you for that glowing compliment!

  • Thanks Andrew, great to meet everyone this morning and look at how we can all improve our use of this fantastic platform. I said 5 minutes...albeit at 11:20pm....sometimes these minutes are the only ones I have. Happy to be using them this evening to improve my 1/10 score!! *must do better*

  • Aye, it was alright I suppose !! he he he

  • Thank-you Stuart, Gillian, Mia and Iain. It was great to have you all at the session this morning and really glad you enjoyed it!

  • It was a great informative meeting with a lot of interesting ideas in the room!

    Only constructive criticism would be more lighting required in the selfie :)

  • A great morning thanks Andrew, really enjoyed it. Carpe diem! 

  • Totally agree with Ian Fullerton.  Always enjoy ABN meetings. Thank-you Andrew for being 'like a Dog with a Bone', so worth attending.  Need to go write me a plan now.  Have a good day all. 

  • Andrew. Well worth the money ! Great oversight of ABN

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