The Big Switch Off

There are lots of debates on LinkedIn right now about switching off from work when on holiday. Some say this is a time to relax, recharge and spend time with family members, whilst others feel the need to regularly dip into work to deal with anything that arises. Personally I feel the need to regularly check into work, to make sure nothing essential has arisen, to check emails and alleviate any potential stresses going back to work. What are your thoughts on this subject?

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  • Good one, Claire! I also think that it's different for everyone, dependent on job, business, sector, etc. It's good to stay contactable. However, it's also good for us as humans and for our work effectiveness to try to switch off completely when we're on holiday!
    • I totally agree Andrew! Finding the right balance is the tricky part!
  • For me being the only person responsible for the marketing in my company, there is no one to manage or pick-up anything whilst I'm on annual leave, so like to check in regularly and ensure anything urgent is done and nothing missed.
    • Yes if you're the only person responsible for a certain area then it is really hard to switch off and in some ways you can possibly relax more knowing that things are ok and being looked after if you keep on top of things while you're away.
      • Keeping on top of things is important and helping to manage your workload for going back to the office!
  • When you have your own business and especially if you're on your own you can't really afford to switch off and need to keep on top of everything. Even if you have staff and it's still your own business then you probably can't switch off either. Having worked in the corporate world for most of my working life and always checked my emails which looking back on it, I probably should have learned to switch off completely.
  • Personally, I like to keep an eye on emails but will only do this when convenient (when the fiance is getting ready and will be "just 5 more minutes" haha). I only really do this to read and then delete emails that don't require a response such as FYI's or staff all emails. For me, this means that I only have essential emails to reply to and can hit the ground running when I return to work rather than having to spend time sifting on the first day back.

    I do have to admit, if it was my own business I think I would struggle to switch off.

    Interested to see what others do though!
    • I agree, if it was my own business I would struggle to completely switch-off and being honest, I am like that in my current and previous roles, as you want to ensure continuity and a timely response for emails etc.
  • I think it depends if it's your own business or not firstly - then very hard to turn off!, or if working for a company then depending on your role or you're the only one in that role.
    I think it is important to switch off however, at the end of the day a week is only a week and that rest could benefit you personally and business-wise!
    • I totally agree Jessie and a much-needed rest is needed to recharge those batteries and remain focused!
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