Thank-you very much for attending and well done to all members at last night's ABN Gold Networking Event with Fluxtastic! There was alot of orange, plenty of laughs and some great new connections made and existing connections strengthened



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  • Yes, it was a great networking event, what else can we expect from ABN Gold members. Flux, James and Mark I really enjoyed the presentation and good to have another South African in the room.
  • Thanks to everyone who came and for keeping the heckling to a minimum! #PigsArse
  • Thank-you Jessie, Nicola, Mark, Dale and Gavin. Nicola, yes, you're MOing big time this week! Gavin, can we use that riff raff quote in our promo material??
    • Of course. We don't want just anyone to join!
  • Awww I have FOMO! sounds like it was a fab event, well done team Flux! :)
    • The BEST EVER!
  • We've shared pictures of the event on our FB and Linkedin pages! Glad you all enjoyed another great event, thanks flux!
  • Huge thanks to not only ABN for allowing us to do our "presentation", (still not sure how we got them to agree) but also to our fellow Gold Members for participating, especially our Piggy Line-up!

    Hope you all enjoyed your party bags...see what you are missing if you aren't a Gold Member, go sign up now!!

    #ABNGold #ReadyToFlux #PigsArse
  • I really enjoyed the event and the Fluxtastic presentation too. Cheers and here's to the next one.
  • Really enjoyed this exclusive event.

    Great to keep the riff raff out and deal with hard core networkers that are so seriously committed, they become Gold Members.

    Let's get our pigs to market! (if you were serious, and became a ABN Gold member, you'd be in on the joke...shame).
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