The Mental Health Debate


I've just opened my copy of the latest fsb magazine "First Voice", on page 11 there are some stats and an article about the struggle that the UK workforce is facing.

Thursday morning sees the Chamber hosting an event about Wellbeing, with some speakers talking about this topic.

I work with clients who have been booked off work due to stress, anxiety and other symptoms related to mental health.

If you belong to a big organisation it's easy to see that they have the resources to implement what the human beings in the office require as a support to the demands of work life and home life.  

What about the SMALLER BUSINESSES who perhaps have a larger problem because often there isn't anyone to step in if a co-worker is BOOKED OFF FOR STRESS etc?

So you're booked off, but you need to return to work at some point, the article suggests that this often feels too soon for the individual.

What do people do during their 'time away' to recover? 

Is there a support structure in place or are they reliant on the overloaded NHS? Are they contacting the Charities who offer support?

Where does the responsibility lie, when it comes to our mental health issues?

I'm just asking. I don't for one moment want you to think I'm making light of the situation.

The onus cannot be fully placed on organisations and business owners to solve these issues. Surely we need to be MAKING SOME NEW DECISIONS for ourselves. I have always maintained that we were born with the opportunity to choose. We choose our careers, partners, lifestyle choices, what we eat and drink etc. We don't always have control over the trauma's and challenges we face (that's a different discussion) but we can choose what we do about it.

Asking for help and taking charge of your own life is a very empowering position to be in. Whether that is at your place of work, or if you aren't ready to open up to them, find yourself a counsellor, a psychologist or a coach to support you through the process. Oh, I hear the "MONEY" comment pop up in your head, that's just an excuse.

What if a few hours with a professional could save your life, YOUR FAMILY hey even your career? I think its worth it.

What do you think?

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  • This is a subject very close to my heart for many reasons and I think that overall the responsibility lies with the individual and as you say the choices they make. It sounds harsh but I don't mean it to be just that only the individual can do the work to feel better. Other people and companies can enable and provide supportive environments and policies etc but only the person going through the hard time can get through it.
    Seeking help is an extremely hard thing to do when you're at your lowest and especially if you've not had to do it before and although there are choices to be made it will feel as though there aren't but there definitely are. It's knowing where to find the right help and what's available and this is where I think organisations do have a responsibility and that their employees are provided with the right information to allow them to take control of their lives again.
    There is heaps of really good online help in addition to the services the NHS provide along with private practitioners and charities but again it's knowing where to look and finding what works for you.
    • Thanks for that Carmen, it is touch to ask for help when life seems to be crashing down on a person. I'm sure we've all been there, I've certainly had my fair share of challenges in my life. If you ever meet someone who needs some support please don't hesitate to give them my details as I'd be happy to give them some direction.
      • Yes definitely :-)
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