Welcome To Our New ABN Ten Groups Members!

All 10 of our 'Ten' sales intel groups have gone to video meetings now - and we already have some new members!


Welcome to:

Jackie Allen/The JA Consultancy - Qten

James Hamilton/Quality Alliance - Cten 

Dennis Darcy/Recognition Express - Jten

Lynn Batham/NESS - Aten


See you all next week!






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  • Thank-you Lynn & Jackie - and Ola and Graeme! Back into the video meetings again this week. Good to see you all!

  • Really great to see networking moving on line through this crisis.  Well done Andrew and team for making this happen.

  • Really happy to be welcomed back to A10, looking forward to re-connecting with all my chums and the wider ABN family! 

  • Delighted to be part of a new "family" at Q10 and looking forward to getting to know everyone as the weeks go on - "virtually" meantime of course!

  • Welcome guys. Jackie lovely to see you have joined. 

  • Glad to hear the meetings are still being enjoyed and providing value! Hello to all newbies! 

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