Well done to all 10 of our 'Ten' Sales Intel Groups this week. You've all embraced video meetings very quickly and there's so much great advice, information, intel and support shared

So very well done Aten, Kten, Gten, Sten, Mten, Cten, Qten, Xten, Lten and Jten - look forward to seeing you all again in a fortnight!

Ten Groups membership numbers are actually going up, not down, during lockdown! To find out more, click here. And if you'd like to attend a meeting, please just let us know by adding a comment below or emailing andrew@next-business.co.uk

Some pics from this week below!








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  • ...and well done to the Sten and Kten groups yesterday. Great intel shared and support offered - plus some good films recommended!



  • We don't just run these 'Ten' groups meetings for market intel, updates, help and support - we also keep an eye on lockdown beard growth! Top work Finlay Porter of the Mten group!


  • Oops. Forgot to add the montage pic here yesterday!


  • ...and well done Martin Watt of Source Accounting for your ace support of your fellow Qtenner, Myles Edwards/Gathimba Edwards Foundation!

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