What did you do at the weekend?

Anybody who knows me knows not to ask this question cause I'll just bang on for hours about my running!!

It's been a game changer for me, in terms of dealing with the stresses of life, and is something I'm very passionate about.

So, what did you do at the weekend that you love?

Here's a picture of me looking less than glamourous after completely the 21 mile Brewdog run on Saturday.3653319608?profile=RESIZE_710x 



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  • Well done you. I really want to start running, any tips on apps to use or programs to follow?
    • I believe the NHS Couch to 5k app is pretty good. I just made it up when I started! If you have a JogScotland anywhere near you definitely get yourself along. They'll get you started and, if it's anything like the one I go to, you won't look back!
      • Brilliant, thank you.
        • Hi Leigh, I'd agree with Jeanette in joining a local Jog Scotland group. The social angle is a real motivator and makes the running a little easier!
  • Amazing. I hate running, but I miss being able to even more! Working on it...

    I worked all weekend - except for Saturday evening when I took a break to go to TGIs with a friend. YUM!
    • Life's all about balance. I worked most of the weekend too but also did something completely new! I had a go at being a guide runner, and also running blind folded. It was to raise awareness for the need for guide runners for visually impaired runner. I'll definitely be looking into this further!
  • Well done Jeanette - I'm always happy to chat about running or sport in general!
    • I really enjoyed our chat at BeBrave Neil!
  • Yes, it did. Thanks Jessie.
    I might have a similar plan for this weekend. I need a rest!
  • Yay! sizing worked I take it?
    Well done on the run, great job! This weekend I did what I love by enjoying a Tia Maria - my fav! haha
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