• Oh gees, I'm a fig roll with Jaffa cake and Jammie Dodger. Haha, I guess it shows my chameleon character.
  • Oh man! I feel i should lie... But my favourite is a Fig Roll!
  • Love this Claire. I'm a combo of Ginger Nut, Party Ring and Jammie Dodger - not sure what that says about me haha!!
  • Jaffa cake. What's the point in having a cake (or biscuit!) and not eating it?!
  • Pink Wafer - I wish I could actually be an Avenger though
  • Jaffa Cake all the way. Only problem is one is not enough. Once opened the whole pack is consumed.
  • I love a Jaffa Cake - the world is not enough!
  • I feel victimised! (rich tea....)
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