This is a question I pose myself regualary, but even though I have ideas - busy days get in the way...

Yesterday I attended ABN's "Turn Your Online Networking into Offline Sales" training course and (amoungst the many) the take-away I left with was to spend just 5-10 minutes a day on here and it WILL increase your business.

So, from a (previously) on/off user of ABN Community I am here to say hi, and I will say so more often!

Have you thought about changing just ONE thing you could do every day to make a difference? Let us know in the comments...

Have a great day!



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  • I think it depends on the business you are in. There is the potential that nothing could change in an on demand industry like insurance as you do not know what is going to come at you from one minute to the next.

    SAYING that I may change being able to having more time. Time to visit my clients and also have a better diary system that allows them to book in to see me instead of sometimes just joining the Que!!!
    • I think we can often underestimate the effectiveness of some simple planning - guilty as charged!
  • yay hi Stacy! Glad to see you putting the tips into practice.

    I would change... slightly business related, but I need to improve my morning routine. Too much procrastination!
    • I'm joining Jessie on this one although mine is to get up earlier so I'm not rushing about like a mad thing before work and then I'd have a far more relaxed start to the day. One positive from jet lag this week is I've been up a lot earlier than normal so I've found the mornings a lot calmer.
    • That's a good one Jessie. Reminds me of a tip one of my first managers gave me - my work was piling up and she asked me what I had at the bottom of the pile. I handed her a file, thinking she was going to help, and she told me to do that one first - after that the rest seemed easy! No more procrastination from me...
  • Great to see you Stacy! Very worthwhile event, glad I have the shortcut on my phone now. No more excuses haha.

    One thing I would change... I'm embarrassed to say but to stop rushing for meetings and aim to there 10 minutes early! I think it makes my days way more stressful than they need to be :)
    • Yes, great to see you too :). And I'm the same - I did know HOW to do it, but hadn't - have now and it's a game changer.

      Tip for ANYONE who hasn't already - save ABN to your homescreen on your phone, effectively making it into an app. You'll find it a lot easier to logon quickly in-between meetings etc...

      Yes, I'm also guilty of this - only a better diary management system would help though!
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