It's Friday again at last!

After 3 months of lockdown, and the online shopping that goes with it - what's the best purchase you made on lockdown?

We invested in Disney+ which I am sure I have used more than the kids, however my best purchase has to the boxing bag, which has helped us all to vent frustrations over the last 3 months


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  • Disney+ has been an amazing investment, and we don't have the excuse of kids in the house!  My most exciting purchase really goes to show my age, a hand held dyson and lots of new plants for my garden 🤦‍♀️

    • I think a lot of us would have really struggled during lockdown without the garden to keep us busy.  Although not much chance of using it in today's weather!

  • My best purchase was a second hand treadmill! My family had to endure 2 weeks for self-isolation back at the start, with me not being allowed out to run. I nearly ruined the grass doing laps around the backgarden and lost the plot a bit :-)

    Other than that, the other big purchase we made has been some new garden furniture. It has come in handy in the past couple of weeks now we're allowed to see people outside!

    • Hopefully the weather picks up Jeanette and you can get the use of that garden furniture in the sun.

  • Do you get sing-alongs with that Mark?

    I think the best thing I've bought has been Likimats for our dogs - probably has the same effect as Disney+ does for kids 😄

    • Ah, sing a longs are probably best avoided - However I realised this week I may regret the Disney+ as my daughters have reminded me that Frozen 2 will be showing on there in July.  Never thought that one through 🤦‍♂️

  • I had to confer with my wife on this one......nice perfume (for her), different dog food (for the dogs), and rolls of turf for the back garden (dogs had ruined our grass too many times).

    The turf was the best buy - a nice easy DIY project with a good result.

    We do lead an exciting life.....honestly!

    • The turf must be the winner there Neil - Our garden has been well used in lockdown and probably got a lot more TLC than usual.  I even managed to paint the shed!

  • Good one Mark/Anthony Joshua!

    New glasses. I had the prescription so did it all online - and got a second pair free!

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