What's your top 2020 Travel Destinations?

Depending on where you look for guidance on the 'Top Places to Travel in 2020' there are numerous opinions.
Conde Nast has Matera - Italy, Valle de Guadalupe - Mexico's Wine country, New Orleans - US, Tasmania - Australia and Transylvania - Romania as it's top 5 hitters
British Airways on the other hand has New York - US, Orlando - US, Las Vegas - US, Dubai - UAE and Barbados as its prime destinations. It goes without saying that travel and flight companies are likely to be skewed in their opinions.
Of course the type of holiday or trip you want to take whether it's an epic adventure or your annual family holiday will also have a bearing along with budget, previous travel and your personal style.
From what I've seen so far for 2020 the top destinations for my clients are:
*Peru especially Machu Picchu*
*New York/Las Vegas*
*Canary/Balearic Islands*


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  • We are SO looking forward to our 'last' family holiday in May that Carmen very patiently helped us arrange!

    It's a 3 centre USA trip which is sure to suit all of our very diverse tastes. Can't wait to get there are be able to tell you all about it...only 129 sleeps to go!!

  • Heading to Rome in the spring, but would love to go back to Vietnam or a chiiled out holiday in Barbados!

  • I'd love to go to Japan... again I've seen some amazing things on TV. But so far I've only got exotic trips to Cardiff and Belfast planned :) 

    • Japan looks beautiful and an amazing place to explore Gillian - hopefully you will get to travel there one day.  Cardiff and Belfast are perhaps not so exotic but still worth exploring :-) 

  • They ALL sound good!


    How about Israel? I saw TV adverts promoting there for the first time last year

    • Israel has so much to offer and is also on my list Andrew but it's a little bit of a contentious destination due to the Israeli-Palestine conflict sadly.  People still travel there regardless but it's a destination that probably requires some real thought and investiagtion before travelling to.

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