What you don't know about selfies ...

I was driving down the road yesterday and realised that we take in millions of impressions every minute on a simple drive.

Your social media feed is a bit like that.

But if someone stares at you as you drive past - you remember.

It might be the - only - thing you remember.

I want to influence people - you want to influence people.

Don't pretend it isn't true.

So what can we learn from 'influencers?' .. it turns out - quite a lot.

Being visible works.

In this video I talk about why that is, the science and the practicalities of making what influencers know work for you .

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  • Great Video Bob

    • Thanks Mark

  • Thanks for shaing the video Bob, that was great. That subscribe button has been hit! 

    • Thanks Gilian 

  • Great video Bob! It's the sound of my voice I cant stand to hear back and so always puts me of doing video. I know a lot of people who are the same. 

    • Hi Siobhan - missing you - When I started the podcast this was one of the biggest barriers. Because I was podcasting I spoke to lots of other podcasters and they all had the same thing.  

      After a very short time it fades away.  

      The reason you don't like it is that you identify your voice as the one conducted through bone into your ear.

      It's just not how others hear you at all.  The voice you hate hearing is the one everybody else hears.

      The funny thing is that although I hated my voice as much as anyone else - it's probably commented on as a positive feature more than anything else.

      At the end of the day - it's work.  I hate cleaning but that has to get done too and it quickly becomes routine.

      The fact is that the more you hear your voice as others hear it - the more normal it starts sounding.  You stop hearing an alien creature.

      Now - my recorded voice and the one in my head sound the same.

      • Miss you too! 

        Thats very interesting, I didnt know that. 


        I would agree with that, you have a great voice for podcasting. :) 

  • Thanks for the video, Bob.  Some excellent tips.  We probably all know that we need to be doing more on social,  it helps to get a bit deeper into why it is important and how best to approach it.

    I've gone ahead and subscribed on YouTube.  I look forward to the next one.

    • Thanks Gavin -  this early into Youtube every subscriber counts.  Hope you're doing well.

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