• I certainley think that automation will come in to many industries and is already there in so many.  People will still be more important though.  Have you tried networking with a robot!!!!!

    • People ARE more important so the personal touch is definitely the way to go Graeme!  However, I think I might have met one or two robots at networking events in the past :)

      • I love that, Nicky! :)) It might explain very well some strange behaviours I've noticed in some networking events in the past, as well. :)

        • It was a tongue in cheek comment Mariana so I hope no one is offended ;)

  • Thanks for sharing this post Nicky, that type of topic is my cup of tea. I speak to a lot of businesses exploring new innovative methods to grow/keep ahead of the market and AI comes up a lot!

    My thoughts though ‘robots’ will still need people :) 

    • I totally agree that we will still need people Gillian!

      There will be elements of our jobs that robots will be able to do possibly better than a human, but I think this will free us up to do the more interesting elements that we enjoy doing and that will also develop our skills.

  • Not me , Andrew! I love what I do, too much! :))

    • You are obviously playing to your strengths Mariana so your work doesn't feel like work? I love to hear that someone loves their too!

      • Exactly Nicky! I'm happy you love your job, too. It just makes life more beautiful this way, don't you agree?! :)

  •  I sometimes wish a robot would do my job!

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