Women in Business - New Publication!

My childhood dream is coming true, I am going to be a published author! As you can imagine, I am so excited!

The book will be published via AMA Publishing and it's called "Leaders - Women Who Change The World Trough Their Business".

Leaders is an incredible compilation of extraordinary women who are changing the world with their businesses. 

I am looking for 25 - 50 people who would be willing to commit to purchasing + sharing the book with their network. The cost will be a 99ct download for the entire book.

In it, you will read stories of how they have overcome adversities + are now sharing their gifts with their clients + communities.

→ If you would be willing to be part of growth + success of this powerful book, pop me a message below and I will message you when it's available.



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  • WOW Susanne what a fantastic achievement - well done and I wish you all the very best with it! Will it be available on Audible? It's the type of book I like anyway - I love people who change the world - for the better ;) 

    • Ohh good question Karen! I have to check with my publisher. I know she is releasing it first on Kindle so we can go for a international bestseller with the team, few weeks later she will release a hardcopy. All proceeds of Kindle will be donated to charity.

      • always a question here Susanne :) Sounds like if not immediately it will only be a matter of time, I turned to Audible last year as I wasn't getting enough wisdom thanks to not putting down my phone, so would definitely pick that as my option if/when available :) GREAT to hear about the charity angle too - kindness makes the world a better place.

  • Thanks for all the support so far I really appreciate it. It is time to count down! On the 10th of January, the book will be released. For those who wanted to purchase a copy for 99ct to support us, I will message you the link on the 10th! 

  • Congratulations, Thanks for connecting. I'll support you.
    • Hi Lhacy, it's almost time for the book release! Once the publisher give the all clear I will message you with the link to purchase the book. Please make sure you do this immediately so we can hit the bestselling status that day! I will message you on Friday morning!! This is going to be so exciting and thanks for the support!

    • Thanks wondering Lhacy, thank you so much. Hope all is well with you today!
  • Congratulations Susanne. A great achievement. I would be happy to share for you and wish you every success with it.
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