Can anyone help me. I want to setup a wordpress site. I currently host host my business on Reg123 and find it confusing to see how to host from there. I'm thinking of letting current one lapse and to start again. I guess this sounds basic to those in the know and am seeking help from one.......





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  • Hi Jenny,

    Happy to help you with your web hosting and getting a WordPress website set up - if you'd like to meet for coffee to discuss the best options, etc. let me know! You can send me a PM on here or e-mail simon@libraryplayer.co.uk
  • Hi Jenny,

    This is a route a lot of people choose. In fact something like one-third of all websites are based on Wordpress.

    But the question really needs to be what you want to achieve as opposed to the technology you want to use as there are many ways to develop a website these days.

    Here are the basic options as I see them.

    1. You could use a hosted version of wordpress by using wordpress.com. This is a nice and simple and cost effecting direction.

    2. You could use a self hosted version of Wordpress (wordpress.org) where you take a copy of wordpress and host it on your own webspace. This is not the same as 1, but sounds like it is the way you are currently thinking.

    3. You use technology such as wix.com, weebly.com or squarespace.com to build a hosted website and pay a monthly fee to those companies. This is a similar approach to 1.

    The decision really depends on what you plan for your site, if you want the upmost flexibility and ability to change your site with unlimited possibilities then you should go 2.

    If you are happy to stay within certain design boundaries to keep things simple then 1 and 3 would be your best bet.

    Budget will also play a part here. Sounds like you might need an expert to help you if you want to go down the 2. route and this is going to cost you most up front with maybe a monthly maintenance fee.

    With 1. and 3. you could literally do all the work yourself and pay the companies (wix, weeble or squarespace) a monthly hosting fee. Similar to what you would pay reg-123 for hosting space.

    It can be a very complicated area because there are so many options, but if upfront cost is a concern (going down the 2. route will cost anythnig from £500 - £2000) then I would suggest 1 or 3.

    You can still also get help to do 1 or 3 but the upfront costs should not be as hefty because there are set limits you need to work within from a look and design perspective.

    I have worked with all these technologies and chose the solution not based on technology, but what I wanted to achieve.

    For example - www.aberdeenbusinessnews.co.uk used a version of Wordpress which I host because I wanted total flexibility with what I wanted to do with the site.

    www.bureau-plus.co.uk uses squarespace.com because we had simple 'brochure ware' requirements for this site. It doesn't change a lot and I was happy to pay something like £20 a month to get access to the software and host it with them.

    Bottom line is I would stay away from using wordpress these days unless you have strong feelings on what it needs to look like (unlimited flexibility).

    You wont need to start from scratch though if you already have a domain name, it can be used with whichever route you choose.

    Hope that helps, if you could like me to help you take it forward by helping choose the best solution for you and even set up the site for a reasonable fee then please let me know.

    Is these ite for your therapy needs (go squarespace maybe?) or the Garage bakery. Would the latter need ecommerce for example?

    Not really willing to advise of the use for the later at the moment till I know more about your plans.

    Let me know if you would like to talk more!


    Mike Watson
    • Hi Mike

      Thank you very much for your detailed response. I would be happy to meet up to discuss rates etc.

      Regards Jenny
      • Thanks for the response Jenny. Can you give me an email address and we can take this offsite?
        • or you can just email me at mike@mwadigital.com
  • Hey Jenny, I think Wordpress is a great one to use, I use it for 2 businesses I work for!
    I would maybe suggest you ask some of our tech-savvy members here for their expertise, it's SO worth having someone set it up for you that knows what they're doing!
    • Hi Jessie. Yes, I agree and hope one of the tech-savvy members spots this...
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