" Yes that's right I'm working from home"

Although you can't see them you feel your friend roll her eye's, like oh here's another one that's got 'the life' sitting at home playing at working!

Well having worked at home on and off during the pandemic I feel your pain, working from just isn't that easy.

You can have the constant interution of little people who just don't understand why you can't come and do a jigsaw or play hide and seek or the constant battle with your slighly older children completing 'home schooling' .

I mean where does time go when you are working at home, I can't remember 'fly cup time' coming round this quick at the office!

You would think that working in a really quiet house is then the solution, I mean No Interuptions to work........really you think so? There maybe no pyhsical inteeruptions from anyone (unless you have children) however you still have to battle against procrastination and the demons of Social Media.

It really annoy's you that you look out at your lovely car in the drive which is still on the same tank of fuel since last March and think well at least I'm saving some money on Servicing!

Well this is the real reason for this post, the fact that your car is doing very little mileage should not mean you should stop or pospone it's regular maintenance or servicing rountine. Your car siting only getting used occassionallly is not what it was built for and it won't be doing the car any favours.

We would always recommend that you should get your car inspected , service and checked over at least annually and that's not just an MOT, brakes need check and used and especially electric handbrakes are liable for sticking on if not maintain properly.

But here's the next issue , you are working from home ( was not what we spoke about initially?) so you don't have the time to get it to a garage to get it serviced and checked over!

Well we have the perfect solution......call us on 01467634000 or email us on service@jimreidvehiclesales.co.uk and take advanatge of our FREE SAFE Local Home Collection & Delivery Service.

We will collect your car, carry out the work requested and giving you free advice about maintenance, we then wash, vaccum and fully sanitise your car before one of our Trained Drivers return it safely to your home. Payment and contact is done remotely with all paperwork emailed and updates by phone or text.

So we can't offer you work motivation, home schooling or even jigsaw making but we can help get your car Serviced & MOT's without you moving a finger ( caveat ..you may need to move a finger or thumb to dial our number)

Have a great day working from HOME,because I will.

Jim Reid




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  • Well done Jim.

  • Highly reccomend Jim, my car was in with them last year and they just made the whole experience seamless. This post has actually reminded me that my service must be due again soon. 

  • Excellent post Jim! I think you guys gave Siobhan here at Centrum that service last year and she was most impressed!

  • Great post Jim! 

    Very helpful service too, especially during COVID times 

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