Working from home can save companies on their overhead costs. Many people will want to continue working from home, but will not be able to, because the daily management systems their company has are not "joined-up". They may have different systems and software products for managing their Personnel, Document, QHSE, Assets, Purchasing, Projects, Timesheets, etc which require attention in the office environment and it is not always easy to access that information working from home.

Staff will find that although they can get a great connection to their office, the systems they have to work with, based in the office, don't work well together from a remote location (home). They, the employee, is the vital component that makes their management system work in the office environment.

Companies who operate with basic paper /Excel spreadsheets or older software management systems, will often have several software products to look after different business functions or have a system that only a few employees know how to "tweak" to keep it going, can fix these issues by using systems such https://caiman-soft.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/CaimanIQModuleOverview.pdf   Caiman IQ is an easy to use, single integrated platform for most business critical functions which also interfaces with financial packages.

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