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Aberdeen Business Network (ABN) provides a range of 6 unique business development solutions which have helped our clients win almost £19m in new business - ABN Gold (the Premier Membership of ABNCommunity), ABN networking events, Contact Builder, advertising & sponsorship opportunities and the 'ten' sales intel groups

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Always interested in starting and developing business relationships, finding out what's going on in the local business community, trying to help wherever we can and winning new business

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Our range of business development services allows us to deliver services to suit and help all businesses, no matter the networking goals or budget. And we have a few laughs in the process too!

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Hard work always comes before success in the dictionary

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L - T - @abncommunity F -

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Mike Watson


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  • Updated my ABN profile, catching up with posts and welcoming new members - still no sign of Jack Bauer! :-)

  • I see Jack Bauer still hasn't joined ABN yet... :-)

  • Many thanks Andrew - Douglas Glen was very much of the opinion that you and I should meet and chat.  Love what you are doing with this community

  • Hello Andrew! Thanks for connecting. I look forward to a mutually benefiting interaction with you.

  • Thank you Andrew!

  • Hi Andrew, 

    Thank you for the warm welcome. 

  • Thanks Andrew, and yes, the weather is much more golf friendly today than it was on Friday and over the weekend!  Sadly I'm not able to take advantage of it!

  • Thanks Andrew

  • Okay no pressue then ;)

  • Tee hee what shall I write about?

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