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Technology, IT, Charity

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We are Doric Design, a web design business based near Balmedie. We work with local businesses and charity/community groups on their online shops and websites. We've also built an online grant management system for a local charity and set up an online forum for an Aberdeen based community group.

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We'd like to connect with other local businesses and build up our network, share ideas and build our client base.

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We believe that a high quality website that meets your audience's needs and helps you reach your goals should be achievable for every business or group (whether that is more sales, improving trust and awareness of your brand or encouraging more people to volunteer with your charity), and it shouldn't cost the earth. We work with our clients to build sites that are really tailored to fit their business and their budget, and offer real value for money.

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Choose to work with people who listen to you, and in return listen to them.

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  •  Hi Jennifer Taylor many thanks for the welcome, interesting business you have there, we'll keep an eye out for the competitions on your site and Facebook. Carolyne

  • Welcome Carolyne!

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