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Marketing, Education, Technology, Wellbeing, Events, Health

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SDC Wholelife ~ Eat Well, Think Well, Be Well is our moto. Hi my name is Donna Christie, I have been a Personal Nutrition & Wellness Coach since 2002 ~ Offering 1:1 21 day Nutrition & Wellness packages, 21 day, 4 and 12 week Nutrition & Wellness advice & support Workshop/Packages. 1 to 1 and group Nutrition & Wellness Coaching and support for small business with staff from 3~30+. Member and Distributor of Herbalife Nutrition, Health, Sports Nutrition, Skin~Hair and Body care products.

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Recently moved back to Aberdeenshire after living in Denmark for a few years and looking to re establish my network to grow my business and connect with other like minded people & local coaches and businesses

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providing 1 to 1 and group coaching and supprt and going the extra mile to achieve peoples goals to live the best of their life, for the rest of their life ~ because your wholelife matters!

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  1. Koko having worked in the oil service industry from leaving school in 1980, getting to a Management role, ive gain skills and confidence i never thought possible. Attending network events and Personal Development seminars, getting around and being inspired by other men and women in business, being self employed for 16y+ was the best decision i ever made and always looking to hopefully inspire and encourage people to be the best they can

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refered by Tess Day