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IT Hotdesk BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT EXECUTIVE - Aberdeen based IT service provider offering traditional managed IT support, cyber security, cyber essentials assessments, VOIP solutions and hardware. Our head office is in Westhill and we have 2 other offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow. We service Clients locally, nationally and overseas. We have a passion for IT and We believe a healthy IT system is the backbone for any successful business and we love to explore what an organisation needs so we can make it better using IT. This love for IT combined with a personal touch and tailored solutions ensures our customers can focus on running and growing their business, safe in the knowledge their IT is in good hands making us YOUR ULTIMATE IT PARTNER

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Grow my existing network, create lasting business relationships with like mined business owners and staff in order to grow the business through referrals and leads.

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We have been going for 10 years and have grown through customer referrals and doing a good job! We may not be the cheapest, but we strive to make sure our customers have a healthy IT infrastructure meaning their businesses can perform to the highest level. If we cant manage a job we will be upfront and tell you we cant and point you in the direction of a partner or other company who can.

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- Never kick someone when they are down, pick them up and give them a hand. You may just need some help one day in the future. - The harder you work the luckier you get!

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Andrew Smith


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