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SensationALL provide therapeutic activities and specialist support for individuals with  complex disabilities and additonal support needs,  their families and associated professionals.

SensationALL is so-called because we believe that individuals with ASN and their families should ALL have access to appropriate specialist services, without restrictions on age, location or diagnosis. #

Our vision is to give people with disabilities a place to belong, where they feel empowered, safe and supported throughout their lives at our community base, Old School House, Westhill!

We are committed to leading a transformative agenda of inclusion for all!

What would you like to achieve from your ABN Community membership?

We want to raise awareness of our services and reach more people who may benefit from them.

We also want to forge and improve on corporate relationships in regards to both funding opportunities and CSR activities as we are a small organisation run by 3 full time staff and we rely on volunteers/donations to continue providing support to ver 500 families across the North East!

What makes you/your business/organisation different?

We are the only charity of our kind and one that is run by parents of those with support needs who are also clinically registered Occupational Therapist - meaning that we provide a professionally recognised standard of therapy based activities & lifeskills.

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Andrew Smith