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Business Women Scotland Business Women Scotland is an organisation dedicated to helping women find support and networking opportunities to allow them to strengthen their business. A bi-monthly digital magazine supporting women in business, it also runs a series of business roadshows and awards to celebrate and empower women in business while tackling the gender gap in enterprise. Publishing includes consumer and staff magazines, newsletters and our publication Business Women Scotland magazine. We can work as publishers, designers, project managers, editors or purely as writers, and provide a tailored service for each client on a personal level, creating effective and targeted publications. Our aim is to recognise the notable contribution women are making to boost Scotland’s economy celebrate the entrepreneurial talents of women across the country while helping to create more business role models to inspire the next generation.

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Connecting with business in Aberdeen to help with the promotion of women in business and use BWS as a platform to help grow their business community network

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We aim to be the connectors and give women the platform and opportunity to help grow their business community, via our memberships, BWS business roadshows and online magazine.

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Business is always challenging but the rewards are always better!

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Facebook - Twitter - bws_sco instagram - bws_scotland

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Brett Jackson

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  • Likewise - we are not bad with Facebook but my presence on here is very limited! If it's cocktails you're after, Orchid and Dusk on Langstane Place are good but for later in the evening.  Amicus Apple and Soul, in the same area, are fab for after work drinks too.  Evidently I love an after work drink! :)

  • Hi Lynne! Nice to see you on here :) The Albyn, Number 1 and Number 10 up near Holburn Junction are all after work favourites in Aberdeen.  Are you heading out tonight?  Happy weekend!  Claire

  • Hi Lynne,

    Warm welcome to you too!  


  • Thank you Lynne
  • Thank you for the welcome, Lynne! :)

  • Hi Lynne,

    Thanks for the friend request :) magazine looks good - would like to hear more about it sometime!


  • Hi, thank you for the warm welcome. Your magazine looks great. Would love to know more about it.
    nina :)
  • Hi, Lynne!

    Since your audience is represented by business women in Scotland, have you thought about attending the SPE Seminar on the 6th of March?



  • Dear Lynne,

    Thank you very much for your kind invitation. I would have loved to come but, unfortunately, I am tied up that day.


    I am certain there will be other opportunities to join / speak / assist the target audience of your magazine and the events you may be holding. I am a great believer in a woman's power of leadership and I think, unlike men, women hold many more intrinsic qualities which, if correctly nurtured and used, will change their lives.


    All the best,



  • Hi Lynne, welcome to ABN, I like the sound of your magazine.

    All the best,


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