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HR, Wellbeing

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Providing HR consultancy and psychological solutions to improve business and individual performance.Moonstir’s services are combined to provide HR Generalist support, specialist Health and Wellbeing programmes and psychotherapy.   

From engaging the right calibre of employee at recruitment, to managing their capability, Moonstir offers a full package of HR support to SMEs. From offering support throughout the employee lifecycle ensuring compliance, engagement and development of people. Moonstir offers a bespoke HR service to meet the needs of local businesses.

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There are three aspects to the business

As an HR Consultant, I am looking to create more links with SMEs who require support with their HR needs. 

As a Health and Wellbeing spcialist, I am keen to maintain links with employers whom are focused on managing productivity by having physically and mentally well employees.  

As a psychotherapist focused on CBT, I am also keen to receive referrals for inviidual or group psychotherapy.


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My belief is no different to other support professionals - people matter! However, I believe that by focusing on people as a whole, considering their life within and outwith work, managing their physical and mental health, we will not only find the right people for business success, we can nurture them throughout their lives to reach new heights. This is not rocket science, it's people science... My reputation is built upon the pursuit of excellence both in enhancing people capability and driving organisational and individual success.  I put people at the heart of what I do to deliver results which impact our community, our businesses and ourselves.

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Take time to talk and share ideas. Having an opportunity to talk about goals and how we reach them is my area of speciality.  Having a balance of engaging work and stimulating interests outwith work is the key to achieving a holisitc, successful and happy life.

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Nara Morrison

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  • Hi Morag, I am not able to log in here very often but today I have and read your comment re the dearth of veggie options in local eateries.. I agree and It seems as though what there is is reminiscent of what was on offer back a couple of decades ago!   Also what has happened to pre recession progress with healthy eating? Its seems as though the nation has stumbled backwards in its dining preferences at a time when all around there is unprecedented available  knowledge for healthier eating. Are there too many in the media saying, 'don't', that red rag to a bull word which makes most who hear it, including chefs and restauranteurs, do the opposite ? And I won't even start on the cup cake craze and the return of the afternoon tea!!! There was a light at the end of the tunnel moment back in the mid naughties wasn't there or am a havering?

  • Hello and thank you, yes its a great forum with many like minded and lovely people here, I do look forward to meeting up with all in any one of the networking events soon....:)

  • Yes I love your thinking and the variety of options and lack of limitation in your thought process.!! Great reply thanks.


  • Welcome to ABN Morag...All the best, Phil

    For Finance...Phone Phil :-)

  • Welcome to ABN Morag

  • Welcome to ABN Morag :-)
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