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Are you feeling frustrated that you’re hitting a ceiling with your time, energy and income and is it starting to affect your health and relationships?

Hi! My name is Susanne đź‘‹ and I help CEO's, Small Business Owners & SMEs who know they hit a ceiling in their time, energy and income to implement a personalised strategy that allows them to move forward to achieve their goals with confidence by finding the perfect work-life blend for them.

In my free time, I love doing jigsaw puzzles and I am obsessed with creating the perfect blend of smoothies & soups from our veggie garden. 🌿

The perfect work-life balance doesn’t exist.

You can't do everything at once.

You cannot expect yourself to keep the balance all the time; as one side of the scale moves up, the other side moves down.

Your business affects your private life; your private life affects your biz. If you feel burned out, everything will be affected!

What you need is the perfect work-life blend; to shake things up in a way that excites you, sets your soul on fire and lets you shine in ALL areas of your life!

I will help you figure out how the important pieces fit together and mix things up in a way that works for YOU. Together, we will develop and implement your unique work-life blend based on your personal needs and requirements so you can create the perfect mix within the next few months. ✔️

I have the unique ability to see what is going on underneath the surface, help you pinpoint what truly matters and upgrade your mindset to match your new reality (ie your desired work-life blend) through my transformational business and mindset coaching.

With my years of experience coaching solopreneurs, small business owners, teams and SMEs, I can help you complete the jigsaw puzzle of your life in a new and exciting way that serves you, your family and your business best.

You want in? Drop me a message to get the conversation started, limited spaces available. đź’ś


Business Coach | Small Business Consultant | Transformation Coach

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I look forward to connecting with others, raising awareness about my services and help others in the process.

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I've worked with CEOs and established business owners of small to mid-sized B2B and B2C businesses in different industries, helping them to create a personalised strategy to create the perfect work-life blend for them or the team. I can help you whether you have a business or work at a small business and need help with finding the right blend for you.

I am a strategic, business-minded thinker with the powerful ability to read information from your energy; the perfect blend of strategy and spirit to help you break through your limitations and help you get your mindset upgraded. No more frustration and burnout required!

My ideal clients are ambitious, motivated, and ready to move forward at an accelerated pace. We will work closely together to implement your new strategy based on my 3 phased plan called the Grant Method.

As a result of our partnership, you will be able to live your strategy, allowing you to get back in the flow of life - the perfect mixture of work and leisure that serves you, your family and your business/team best.

Sound like a fit? Get in touch! PM me on the chat to find out how I can support you too.

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  • hi Susanne, thanks for connecting with me, how are you? hope all's very well - Happy New Year, let me know if you'd like to catchup sometime, all the best!

  • Thanks for the connection Susanne, welcome to ABN :) 

  • Hi Susanne, welcome to ABN and thank you for connecting, look forward to your online content and hopefully catch you at an ABN networking event.

  • Hi Susanne, thanks for connecting with me! I think I've maybe seen you on Grampian Business Finder? Give me a shout anytime, all the best, Karen

  • Susanne! We seriously need to connect!!! You are on my radar!! Please give me a call on 07921814852 or email me through You will love the charity I'm leading! It's all about BIRTH! Check: -forward. I'm not able to make it to your workshop this time but will make it in the future!!! We also have a talk including the importance of natural birthing methods on the 3rd of Dec. It's on the community! Love Eline
  • :) 

  • Welcome Susanne

  • Hi Susanne and welcome to ABN. 

  • Welcome to ABN Susanne :-)

  • Welcome to ABN Susanne...Have a great week, Phil :-)

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