Gathimba Edwards Foundation Charity Dinner

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It is with huge excitement and gratitude that we announce our fundraising dinner on Saturday 21st February at Ardoe House Hotel has raised an incredible £42,000 for children in Kenya! The total includes an extremely generous donation of £15,000 match funding from a donor who wishes to remain anonymous.This is going to enable us to make truly life changes difference differences to the 174 children we are currently supporting as well as being able to help many others. We will expand the Pavilion Village children's home in Karatina to accommodate more children (this will be done by our group of volunteers in October 2015), install a sit down toilet, shower facility and library as well as re-surfacing the dangerous floor and improving the outdoor kitchen. Five of the children are currently stuck between secondary school and college due to a lack of fees - thanks to your support, they will all now apply for college. Warm blankets, new stationery, clothing, cutlery, cooking utensils and a fridge will be bought for the home as well as investment in a maize selling business, tree nursery and other sustainable projects. We may also be able to purchase a car for the home as the big mini bus is extremely costly in terms of fuel consumption.We are going to be able to purchase cows, chickens and goats for several families in Iten and also ensure that their children are in school, eating 3 meals per day and wearing comfortable uniform. We will be able to buy new equipment and uniform for the Chaka Youth Football Project as well as creating educational and employment opportunities for several of the children. Children such as Joseph Mwangi, Naomi Watare, Grace Nyakai and many others who you may have read about through our posts will be able to sleep easier now in the knowledge that their futures are secure and full of opportunity. The food, education, clothing and shelter of 8 children have now been sponsored each month off the back of the dinner, we will also purchase desks for a school in Sipiri who are currently learning on the floor and we may even have one of the Pavilion Village children coming over to the UK for a work experience in the not so distant future.To give you an idea of how far this money could go in Kenya, it would pay the primary school tuition fees for over 4,000 children for one year. This really is just the tip of the iceberg of what we will be able to do with the extremely generous support.We were hugely honoured to be able to present our first Neil Jaffrey Award to a local child in need from Aberdeen, Matthew James Dyer who suffers from quadriplegic cerebral palsy. The money will buy a custom built tricycle for him to enjoy outdoor activities with his parents, Luke and Mel as well as attending 6 Saturday sessions at the Craighalbert Centre in Cumbernauld.Thanks to Creative Video Scotland for the fantastic video which was shown on the night and for filming the dinner itself www.creativevideoscotland.comThank you from the bottom of our hearts for helping us give kids in Kenya a chance.This is just the beginning.

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