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COVID-19 ALERT - If you are concerned about tapping on your face just now, there are a few alternatives:

1. Squeeze the tips of your fingers. Thumb over the nail, index finger on the other side and squeeze each finger in turn.

2. Tap at the right hand corner of each finger in turn, missing the ring finger and tapping on the soft area between the base of the ring finger and pinkie, nefore tapping on the pinkie nail.

3. Tap on a teddy/doll instead, looking at the teddy/doll as you tap. Mirror neurons will kick into action and it will have the same effect as tapping on yourself.

Traffic Light Tapping: This can be done as you wait for the kettle to boil in the morning, or another similar time, maybe after watching the news! The more you you do it, the more you 'smooth things out'. Think of it being a 'wash - rinse - wash' cycle.

1. Traffic light label - Green, Amber or Red

2. Breathe 2 - 3 times with intention ( eg 'in' for 4, 'hold' for 7,'out' for 8)

3. Tap on points, allowing the mind to wander or go blank - Karate chop, then tap on crown, temple, top of nose, under eye, under lip, across collarbone, under arm. Returning to tap again on the collarbone at the end is often included.

4. Breathe 2 - 3 times 5.

Tap - as above

6. Breathe 2 - 3 times

7. Traffic light label 8. If you are still red, repeat the whole process and until you are 'Green'. If you are still amber, either go to one of your wellbeing resources (reading, yoga walking etc) and/or repeat 1 - 7 until you are 'Green'.

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