It's a tough time for business, and we're all feeling it. But now is the time to pull together! 

As the virus gathers pace, we're advised to stay in & stay away - but there's ways we can still support each other. 

How can the local ABN Community help you? Add a comment below! 

Here's some great ideas from small businesses i've seen over social media this week:

  • deliver services from cafes/bars/restaurants - phone up or order via Deliveroo (no-contact available) 
  • buy a gift voucher to your favourite shop to use later 
  • PTs taking their business online/live home-workout videos 


Perhaps the community can help you in other ways. Do you need some shopping done? Prescriptions picked up? Use this thread to share advice too! Let's share how we plan to keep the kids (and us!) entertained! 

Stay safe everyone! This WILL end :) 

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  • I believe that In every negative situation exists, at least, an elements of positivity and one of them for me now is that I got to meet all my neibourghs! :) They all left their phone numbers. and, suddenly, coming to knock at your door at 8pm at night to introduce themselves and let you know that they are there if we need anything, is no longer odd! :)

    • Hopefully, in time, we will return to what was normal decades ago, speak to our neighbours :-)

      • people already are! It's lovely and hope it stays 

      • Wouldn't that be amazing, Geoff! 

    • Hi Mariana, I LOVE that! It's great seeing/hearing these stories of people helping one another. I hope we all keep it up. 

  • Thanks for sharing Jessie, I certainly hadn't thought about buying gift cards now and using later, what a great idea!

    I'd love to be able to volunteer to help out others in my local area however I'm currently self isolating along with my husband as he suffers from Crohn's disease and has a low immune systems. So my small contribution is to pay my suppliers, who are also SME's, earlier than their payment terms state to ensure they don't suffer difficulties with their cashflow.

    • That's amazing Nicky & I'm sure it will be a big help to them. Hope you and your hubby stay safe :) 

      • Thanks Jessie, we are heeding the government guidance and staying in doors. As I am fit and well, I'm the one that has been popping out for small amounts of shopping when needed and to walk our dog, taking care to keep the correct social distance. It's a difficult time for everyone but the only way we will beat COVID-19 is by following the guidance!

        Stay safe folks xx

        • Defiantly.. Yet still seeing too many people on the streets and even in groups this morning out the window! Hopefully will change when the police begin fining. X

  • Great advice Jessie…..

    It's certainly going to be a very tough 2 or 3 or more months we are heading into. Helping other sole-trader and small independent businesses has never been more crucial than now.

    At the Urban Wellness Hub we are keeping an eye on our elderly sheltered housing neighbours. As it’s easy to assume they have relatives or children that will pop-in past. We just want to make sure they have all the essentials and we will continue this daily until this crisis ends.

    As you say, this WILL end. When? We don’t know, so we have to be doing everything we can to keep interest levels in our respective business high throughout the coming months.

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