My newest client has very kindly provided me with a new laptop whilst I'm working for them. I'll be going into their office on a weekly basis so need something a bit more robust than my largest handbag to transport it around in! 

I'm sure I can get a boring black one anywhere but, does anyone have any suggestions for a more stylish, femine laptop bag? 

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  • Hi Jeanette

    What a wonderful problem to have!

    Let me know the measurements of your Laptop!

    Let's see what I can organise for you? I have an idea.

    • How intriguing Tess! What have you got in mind? I'll message you with the dimensions. Thanks

      • Once I have the dimensions I will share the ideas with you. 

        • How exciting!

          It's approx 37x26x2cm

          • Ok leave the t with me over the weekend 

  • I love this post! I can't help unfortunately, but why are they always so boring? There's a gap in the market if ever I saw one!! Hope someone can make a suggestion. 

    • Speaking to other ladies it seems it's not just me! There definitely is a gap in the market.

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