As you continue on the journey to gain CLARITY for your business, equally important as knowing your own values is to know your WHY or in business terms, your VISION or purpose.

If you have read any book on how to grow your business, be a high performer, or other similar topics you will know that you start with your why, purpose or vision.

In the next few weeks as businesses start to bring back more of their teams to work this could be a great opportunity and time to remind themselves of the WHY.

Simon Sinek is the ‘go to’ author and motivational speaker when it comes to your ‘WHY’ and he has three simple steps you can use to help you find your why:

  • Gather stories and share them – identify at least five stories that you consider to be most impactful in your life/history of the group
  • Identify themes – one or two will start to stand out that you recognise as ‘being you’ and will become the foundation of your WHY statement
  • Draft and refine a WHY statement

Give it a go, it works! 

I honestly believe that you will know when you find your why because it will ‘feel right’.  When you talk about it you will feel energised and passionate and this will shine through.  I know that I am passionate about helping businesses succeed and that is the WHY for me becoming a business coach.6073345259?profile=RESIZE_710x

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