Random requests..


This is a picture from my time in hospitality where a phrase like “Siobhan the alpacas for the wedding have arrived” was not out of the ordinary.

In my current role as centre manager at Centrum no day is ever the same when you are dealing with people and an old building however I am yet to come across a request as random as arranging a place for a pen of alpacas in this role. (Although you just never know what could come up).


My question to you all is, what’s the most random request that you have had in your career?


And yes I have been told there is a resemblance. 🤪

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  • Awww lovely photo Siobhan Jaffray and I'd love to hear more about that particular wedding! 

    In a past life, I was an Events Coordinator for an oil service company and obviously the customer was always right, so I certainly have some hair raising stories of the requests we were asked for...although I don't think I can share them here! 😳

    • The brides parents surpirsed her with some Alpacas to walk on the wedding today. There were 3 of them in total, if I remember correctly this one was called Lizzy. 

      Now I am intrigued to hear these stories... 

      • We'll need to have a coffee, or maybe a wine, and catch-up soon to swap stories!

        • I think that is a fabulous idea! 

  • I wish I had the picture to show, but perhaps my favourite random request was when I worked at Sue Ryder:

    Since Mark isn't well enough today to come outisde and see the horse, can we take the horse into his room?

    And yes we could.And it was worth it!

    • Oh wow! I love that you managed that and Im sure that Mark was absolutley delighted that you could. 

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