Staring out the window already...

You’ve been staring into space for the past 10 minutes. There are 10 different things to be getting on with but you’re just not feeling it. Energy and motivation levels are low. For whatever reason - and there are hundreds of possibilities - you’re just a bit flat.

Most people feel like this at some point during the day. The problem is our modern working practises can promote it. We are designed to think, and we are designed to move yet so many of the things we do at work mean we don’t do either.

And this is detrimental to our Health and Wellbeing.

How about we challenge our working cultures and behaviours, placing Health and Wellbeing at the very centre of your working day? Over a stimulating, thought provoking and entertaining 2 hours we could examine some of the latest research and thinking whilst giving attendees practical solutions that can integrate into their working day.

At Take Your Marks we believe that when you get wellbeing right, everything else is easy.

I run this short workshop for free, either in workplaces or with varied groups. Let me know if you're keen to find out more below.

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  • Hello Alan, What a wonderful idea. I like Jessie love this ethos and I hope we can meet and chat sometime soon.

    • Sounds like a plan Tess!

  • Love your ethos! I wish more companies took this seriously, although I think things are improving. I hope some of our members take you up on the offer and book you in!

    • Cheers Jessie. Planning on putting something on in Aberdeen in Feb / March.

      • Great! I'm no longer based in Aberdeen, but please keep the group posted, sure some of my friends would be interested!

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