Take your dog to work?

Morning All,

Someone looking for an office in Aberdeen last week asked us if would allow him to bring in his dog  - "it would just sleep under the desk". We have a no dogs policy just now, as our tenants may well be allergic or just scared of dogs, but maybe we are missing something... With so many cafes, bars and hotels now being dog-friendly I wondered if you take your dog to work, or would look for an office that allows dogs when deciding where to work?


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  • hi Lynne, Happy New Year! I'm allergic to and scared of some humans, so I'd definitely opt for the dog place ;) 

    • Haha! Do we need a pig policy too? :)

      • well Lynne - we very much hope that your Pig Policy is an open door policy :) 

  • In the marketing agency world it's sometimes used as an incentive to attract top talent - especially South of the border!

    "We're dog friendly" would be plastered all over their website and social media channels so people not into that maybe just wouldn't apply.


    With a focus on inclusivity however...it is a challenge, that's for sure.

    • Wow, really! So mnay people have dogs now I suppose it is seen as a 'perk' not to have to pay a dog walker...

  • I can see this from both sides. It would vastly improve my day if there were dogs in the office (although my productivity may not be quite so good!) but I do know that there are a number of people who are frightened by dogs etc and would feel uncomfortable in their workplace. Unfortunately, I think it then becomes like an allergy issue and because you can't win then I think it has to stay how it has been before and no dogs allowed-much to the dismay of me!

    • I think I agree Tom, but it's always interesting to hear other people's points of view!

  • I've worked in a couple offices which allowed dogs, always been great! Most people have come from previous places that allowed dogs, so they're always well behaved and tend to just 'sleep under the desk' as your contact mentioned!

    • Interesting Jessie - so do you think people actively look for offices that allow dogs?

      • I think it totally depends, but if this person has always been able to, then it becomes a factor - because they then wouldn't leave the dog alone. The dogs get into a habit too I guess, and get taken out at lunch etc. I know a few friends that have always worked in dog-friendly offices that would need to keep this routine!

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