Thank god I'm working from home !



My boyfriend took home this little guy a couple of weeks ago who he found dumped alongside a road. 

After some research & speaking to some bird-raising veterans we have been raising him from strength to strength. Little bird can't fly yet, but has recently learned how to peck his own food (milestone for a first time mum like me!)

I'm dreading the day we have to say goodbye....

I hope these pics brighten up anyone's midweek slump! 





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  • What type of bird is it? How is he now?
    • A pigeon David, and yes happy to report that he is!
  • Awwww I want one
  • Aww well done Jessie, this a lovely to see birds getting help when needed; most people just shooo them away! I hope Bird is fighting fit soon! x
  • Oh Jessie, I LOVE this, how's the wee one doing? You and your boyfriend are these people who make the world a better place, warms my heart X
    • He actually still isn't ready for release, tried and failed but the little guy suffered from some calcium deficiency and needs to build up strength in his feet. He's still in with us at the mo! Hopefully he makes a full recovery :)
      • awe Jessie, I'm sure he will build back up again just takes time - my love to him. and OMG - check out my personal page on FB - first public post you'll see, could not believe it after this yesterday, sorry not explaining here, in a bit of rush but it's all there...
        • aww! Same as my little guy. What a wee cutie. Well done for getting him to the New Arc!!
          • awe I know Jessie, the timing eh! how's Bird doing now? thanks luv - it was the best way forward for BabyJack, I was just SO glad to get there and that he was ok - phew, they're awesome those people as you'll know :)
            • aww.. dropped off at a sanctuary this morning. Cried my eyes out but he's in good hands! 2 months almost we've had him!
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