Three legs and limitless...

I just had to share some inspiration.


This morning I had to take 'Logan' one of our 4 cats to the vet. 

He was born with the umbilical cord around his back paw, hence it was removed (the paw that is) soon after birth. His nickname is 'hop along'.

Of our cats, he is the smallest, the most outspoken and the most courageous. He has dug a hole under our fence to assist in getting his cat-freedom, he is the one who brings in the birds and mice on a regular basis.

He is a constant reminder to me that we make to many excuses in life, instead of grabbing life by the B_ _ _ S and having the adventure.

Thanks, little one.

So he has hurt his stump.....not that it stops him and now I'm looking for a cat bootie (as per the vet's

Does anyone have any advice for me? The worst-case scenario will be that they have to amputate this limb which is quite a big operation.

Logan and his brother Flash will be 1 on the 14th of November.

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  • Just read this post from start to end - bit of a rollercoaster!

    How's he getting on - with or without sock?

  • HAPPY DAYs... Logan arrived back home last night. He is well, just very hi gray and chatty. 
    he must have been locked up somewhere. 
    Christmas gift No.1

    • Yesss !! So happy to read this:)

  • I am sure someone could fashion a cat bootie 

  • I'm really sad to report that my brave 3-legged friend is missing. Logan popped out on Thursday evening and is yet to return.

    I've been watching his little brother walk around the house meowing looking for him. 

    We actually did get some small socks for his leg and this chap would have nothing to do with them.

    It's not easy to process 'loss' of any kind. It's also more difficult because we have no clean result. If we have a miracle I will certainly share it will you all, but for now Logan is MIA. 

    • Oh no!! Report to the FB groups, there are plenty missing pets ones. And if you have a link of a post you've made from your profile, let me know & will share!

      Hope he comes home :( I heard leaving something with their scent outside helps, like a toy/blanket.

      • Will do Jessie thank you

  • Aw bless him! I would recommend getting in touch with some of the local rescue centres, rehoming centres, even wildlife rescuers - i'm sure they've all dealt with similar situations :) I recently spoke to the team at New Arc and Hessilhead. They are more wildlife based but i'm sure you'll be able to get some info from them. Good luck !
    • Thats a brilliant idea Jessie, i will look into that. Thanks
  • Awh the wee soul. It's often the people and animals who have the hardest challenges are the strongest and most courageous creatures. Don't have any advice unfortunately though x
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