What are you feeling thankful for today?

It's been a while since I've posted anything on here, it's been a busy 12 weeks for me! 

As many of you will already know, I work from home anyway and have done for 10 years now so, not much has changed for me. Although, having a 14 and 12 year old at home all day is proving challenging, especially getting the 14 year old out of bed before dinnertime. That is almost a full-time job in itself! 

There are things to be thankful for though. We are all fit and healthy and haven't had any serious fall outs (yet) and, because my husband's work is open reduced hours and we have no after school or social clubs to go to it means that we have been able to eat together every single night. A rare treat before lockdown!

So, what do you feel thankful for today? Or, what has been one of the hidden benefits of lockdown for you? 

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  • Im thankfull that I have been given the opportunity to slow down and asses whats realy important, :)

    • I think a lot of people will be in the same boat Siobhan! I'll be surprised if we ever go back to what was 'normal' before COVID. 

  •  The increased family time is definitely the best thing to come out of lockdown.  As you say, no clubs or after school activities mean we can cook together and eat together.  

    We also probably take more of an active interest in the kids schoolwork as we can see what they are being asked to do (and if they are actually managing it), instead of having to ask them "so what did you do today" and getting the usual "maths, comprehension and PE" type answer.


    • It is nice to have meal times together!

      We're still struggling with school work. My eldest has just started S4 and has taken to shutting himself in his room (as teenagers do!). I'm trying to make sure he has regular breaks and I check in on him to see how he's getting on. 

  • Glad to hear everything is well with you & your family Jeanette! I'm feeling thankful for health too :) No kids in the house, but a VERY active puppy!

    • Aw, that must be fun Jessie. What sort of puppy have you got? 

      • She's a Jack-Chi! Very cute but very cheeky. Haha :)

        • I had to google that, I'm not up on my dog breeds ha ha. They do look like cute wee dogs :-) 

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