Just as I was starting to feel a bit despondent with the whole situation (let's fact it, being self-employed can be hard enough in 'normal' times), a previous client has got in touch with a new challenge!

Minute taking via Skype. I've done this via telephone conference before but, luckily, the majority of meetings have been face to face in the past. 

For those of you that are old hands at Skype meetings, what do I need to know?

Any hints and tips would be much appreciated! 

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  • Good luck J-Lo. And sounds like some solid advice from Nicky there!

  • Thanks very much Nicky. Good to 'see' you too.

    That's really helpful. I wonder if you would have time for me to pick your brains a bit more? I have an initial call with the client this afternoon so may have more questions after that! 

    • Absolutely Jeanette! Just give me a call x

  • Hi Jeanette, it's good to 'see' you and I hope  you are well?

    If you have done minute taking via phone before then you will find Skype very similar. You just need to set some ground rules at the outset, eg take it in turns to speak, don't speak over each other and perhaps say their name before they speak as you will be concentrating on writing and not looking at the participants. Good luck, you'll be amazing!

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