What a strange and uncertain world we're in just now! The main priorities are of course for everyone to stay safe and healthy. By doing that, hopefully we can get through this time as soon as realistically possible

Of course we all have to keep doing our jobs, running our businesses and trying to deliver services differently for now. We know that relationship-building has to be on-going and is more important than ever just now. So here's what we're doing with ABN services:

ABN 'Ten' Groups - all groups have moved to dial-in meetings from next week onwards. The meetings will follow exactly the same format and the sharing of intel and opportunities and support will be more vital than ever

Contact Builder - our Contact Builders are already holding meetings by Skype, Zoom and phone!

Networking skills audits/training - we've taken these online via Zoom. Just let me know if you'd like to use this time to develop your networking skills (there will be ALOT of networking in person once we get past this spell!)

Networking events - our next event isn't until later in April and you're still making bookings for upcoming events (thank-you!)! However, we can only monitor how things develop over the next few weeks

ABN Gold - the majority of membership benefits are online! So it's the ideal time to get stuck into using them

Advertising on ABN Community - we expect traffic on ABNC to increase in the coming weeks. Please just let us know if a click-thru advert is of interest to you

Although all our services are available just now, we also appreciate ths is a worrying time for everyone where cash may be tight. So if there's anything above that you'd like to do, please choose the 20% discounted ABN Gold rates. We'll then donate the difference to some of the many hard-working charities who are ABNC members

Let's keep chatting, keep building relationships and get through this even stronger together. And any questions or anything we can help with, please add a comment below or email info@next-business.co.uk

Good luck

Andrew & Jessie





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  • A huge well done to all Ten groups members, Contact Builders and training delegates who have had video meetings this week! As well as everyone else keeping relationships going with online networking, phone calls and Zoom, Hangouts, Skype, etc

  • I believe many of us really appreciate now the value of online communication! Including me! I used to put it on a second plane, but that is already changing!

  • Wow Andrew you are on the ball and a great example of utilising technology to your advantage to carry on your business!

    • Thank-you Nicky! How are you getting on with taking your expertise online?

      • I've been using Zoom and Skype for pre-workshop catch-ups with some of my clients for a while now Andrew as it's a great way to share visuals - I love my pop up flipchart for showing models etc!  I've also used these tools for coaching sessions recently and think I will be continuing with these for the foreseeable future given the circumstances.

        • Well done Nicky. I had a feeling you'd be right on top of things! Good luck with all your upcoming sessions. We've got to keep communicating!

  • Well done to so many Contact Builders who are already meeting via Zoom, Skype and phone!

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