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With a steadily growing number of active ABN’rs online, how can you stand out from those others in the same industry as you? 

Of course the best way to raise your visibility on ABNC is to get more involved by sharing content and engaging with others (but you know that already!) HOWEVER there are a few simple ways you can make yourself more searchable to those looking to connect with someone in your niche…

Our advanced search filter via the members section of the site allows you to search profiles by industry. Please note, those of you who joined us since June 2020 have probably been asked to allocate yourself a category during the sign up process already. 

To find out exactly how to add yourself into a category or to double check which category you previously selected, and for advice how to use this feature to find others, check out this tip

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  • As always a great post Jessie! 

    • Thank you for the support Siobhan!

  • Great shout. Let's all make ourselves easy to find!

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