Hi all, I am new to ABN. I am looking to network and meet people face to face for coffee or a grub and talk about bringing more automation and robotics to Aberdeen market primarily and to expand to Scotland overall. Oil downturn has been quite depressing for Aberdeenshire, this I think is the time for us to look towards the future and focus on advanced technologies. My vision is 'to make manufacturing in this region more efficient in a sustainable manner while upskilling the current work force to upskill and improve their earnings'. 

I am at very early stages of my start-up. I hope ABN community would be welcoming to this idea of improving manufacturing and lifestyle by engineering and technology. A good conversation over a coffee is good enough support :-)

Feel free to drop me a message on 07448758208

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  • Good to speak with you earlier Abhinav. Hope to see you networking (offline!) with your fellow members soon!

  • Sounds exciting, good luck with your business. I'm sure being here on ABNC will be valuable :) 

  • Sounds very interesting Abhinav, always great to see new innovations happening in the area, I love your focus on sustainability too, all the best, Karen

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