I'm a terrible person!

Maybe a bit dramatic, not sure if Andrew Smith would agree... but I have not posted on here or checked in for a while - SORRY!

How are you all doing? How's lockdown treating you?




For me it's been good (not the reason for it, but the expereince...) and I am enjoying working from home all the time and am also really enjoying video meetings!

I'm enjoying things so much also because we got a puppy! Everyone, please meet Lexi. :)

Has lockdown made you do anything differently?5333241062?profile=RESIZE_710x

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  • Good to hear from you and lovely puppy photo, we are thinking of getting one too!

    We are doing well and adapting, moving online and zoom calls however can be quite tiring staring at a laptop screen after a while! Its great to have little paperwork as mentioned below, less coffee and fuel expenses too.

    Stay safe! 

  • Doing well Stacy. Our whole business has changed and gone digital. All working at home and very little paper in sight.....

  • I am exceptionally well, thanks Stacy, you will be unsurprised to hear.

    I am definitely spending a lot less on coffee, cakes and petrol - that I can cope with.  Video chat is good, it seems a little odd speaking on the phone, when a WhatsApp or Messenger video call are as quick.

  • awww! How old is Lexi? My wee Peanut is only 5 months, it's been a blessing having a pup in lockdown! Nice to see you back here :)

  • Ha ha. You're definitely not a terrible person! And Lexi looks like the perfect new member of the family!

    • Perhaps Stacy's time at the P&J and on L******n means she recognises the power of hyperbole in a headline?

      Stacy, I have yet to see any evidence that you are a terrible person and don't expect to see any either!

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