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We've been hearing alot of feedback recently from members who have won new business as a result of ABN activity (either online, offline or both).  So if YOU have won new business, please share that below. You don't necessarily have to share how much and who from - unless you want to, of course! Just let us all know a little bit about the business won and how it came about



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  • I'd like to add to this by saying you "do get out what you put in" I've been a member for a couple of years and have secured business directly from the group, as well as the group members recommending RIGHT PEOPLE to others they know. Always a good sign that members recommend you, not only for the obvious business, but it's sign that if you do what you do well, you'll do well. ABN has genuinely had an impact on our sales with regards new clients, repeat business, as well as lasting relationships which we value, thanks again to Andrew and his team, as well as all the ABN members
    • Thanks very much for sharing your feedback here, Alex. It's great having you in the Mten group and your on-going membership of the group and commitment keeps paying off! Well done
  • I've recently won some business through ABN Contact Builder and wanted to let people know that building those relationships does pay off! The work didn't come through right away so it's important to know that you need to be resilient and not give up. And another plus point for Contact Builder is that I've met a lovely bunch of people who do some amazing work in Aberdeen....and made friends along the way! What's not to like?
    • Great stuff, Nicky. Well done you! You're putting in the consistent time and effort as as a Contact Builder. You thoroughly deserve all those benefits!
  • Thank-you Tess, Bob and Andrew. Great to hear your business won feedback and all thoroughly deserved. Well done!
  • A month or so back I gained a number of new clients through ABN, it has been great over the past month to send referrals to a few fellow ABN'ers and I hope to hear news soon from them. For me, it is always about giving as much as it is about receiving.
  • Hi Andrew - Thanks for the help promoting the Linkedin local events. ABN played a huge part in helping us reaching so many people and the launch was a big success.
  • We have just had a great win as a direct referral from Andrew Smith - L10 has also proved to be invaluable with warm leads and I would hazard a guess at over £100k in new business over the last 3 years.
  • I was a founder member of the S10 Group (almost 10 years ago!) and managed to secure almost £750,000 in business either directly or indirectly for my company, Lints Recruitment. Having returned to Aberdeen following several years down south, I was thrilled to find that a place in the S10 Group was available for me. Now back at Aberdeen Appointments Agency I have managed to secure some fantastic leads, see some tangible success with business won and gain valuable market intel across all the sectors locally via the business knowledge of my S10 colleagues. As I continue to reacquaint myself with contacts and connections I am looking forward to reciprocating by winning business for my S10 friends.
    • Brilliant Mark. Thanks so much for sharing your feedback here, from the old days and the new! Well done on all the new business you have developed and the support given to your Sten colleagues so they can do likewise
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