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We've been hearing alot of feedback recently from members who have won new business as a result of ABN activity (either online, offline or both).  So if YOU have won new business, please share that below. You don't necessarily have to share how much and who from - unless you want to, of course! Just let us all know a little bit about the business won and how it came about



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  • Thought it worthwhile mentioning an unusual case and it just goes to show the power of networking and trying to help one another with referalls ! I recently joined the ABN 'Kten group' with my Recruitment business in mind, however at one of our meetings I mentioned I am also co-owner of a family Window cleaning business, Within a week I had received an introduction to a new client that required not only their office windows cleaned but also the cladding that surrounds their workshops and the premises guttering needed cleared for the winter. Job is now completed, client is delighted and an ongoing contract to carry out similar work going forward been agreed.
    I'd like to give a big thanks to Craig Davidson of Design and Co for the intro and look forward to returning the favour and helping others within the group with their businesses over the coming months
    • Excellent - well done Mark - and Craig! It's great having you in the Kten Group and thanks for taking the time to share your business won feedback here
  • Well done Adam and Gordon. You put in the time and effort so the new business is very well deserved! Thank-you for taking the time to share your feedback here
  • ABN has been a great source of referrals and has really helped in the growth and development of my practice. My thanks and apprecaition to all involved!

    ABN online and in person networking continue to be a core element of my business development strategy.
  • Moment are delighted to be providing modern marketing services to Oberon Solutions to coincide with their North East launch.

    With a focus on creating content and optimising an ongoing LinkedIn Advertising campaign to introduce their Contractor Management services to the local market in lieu of the impending IR35 legislation, Moment are delighted to have an opportunity to help an ambitious company cut-through.

    Aileen is a member of our Aten sales group - so another win for us is a win for ABN members across the region!
  • Just want to say how much business we have gained recently from ABN, through our presence online, going to networking events and through sponsorship we have gained new customers and relationships that have led to new business. It proves that if you put in the effort networking pays off. Thank-you ABN community :-)
    • Well done Norman - again! Really appreciate you sharing your feedback here. And the new business won is all very well deserved. Keep doing what you're doing!
  • Just a quick note to say I'm so pleased to have a new Customer who has just spent over £2k on their first order, which was a recommendation from the S10 intel group I'm in :)
    • Ace Nicola. Well done! I really think you should run that Sten group now....
  • It wasn't until I really sat down and thought about the work I've done over the past few years that I realised what a big impact joining ABN has had! I've gained business directly from people I've met through contact builder or the networking events and, I've also won business via connections I've made with people in ABN. You definitely get out what you put in and, it took a while to win that first piece of business but, the effort was worth it and it really does work! Thanks Andrew and everyone from the ABN community that I've worked with!
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