We've been hearing alot of feedback recently from clients who have won new business as a result of ABN activity (either online, offline or both).  So if YOU have won new business, please share that below. You don't necessarily have to share how much and who from - unless you want to, of course! Just let us all know a little bit about the business won and how it came about



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  • I am really enjoying our sales intel group. They are a great bunch and it’s great to hear how everyone in different sectors are getting on and how we can help each other. What's more is that as a result of our group I have already had two successful referrals that have led to business and enhanced our offering to our customers! What more can you want from a sales intel group!

    • Well done Matt! Really appreciate you sharing your feedback here and great to read the Jten group is working for you (they're not a bad bunch!)

  • Well done Siobhan and Bob! You're both putting in the time and effort developing relationships, so it's great to hear that's leading to new busiiness wins. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback here

  • I would like to thank Craig McGill, a fellow J10 memeber, for the recent business passed to myself in relation to some Mortgage advice. I hope that he found my services beneficial and look forward to building more relationships with other ABN members in the future. 

  • Delighted to have picked up a new client last week thanks to advertising done through ABN. Love being part of this group!

  • Thanks to my connections within A10 and the wider ABN community, through their sponsorship and support, they have ensured the success of our recent online events.  Both in fundraising terms and raising awareness of NESS!  Raising awareness of the fantastic support that NESS provides, brings new supporters, or new business our way and who knows the value of what they bring!


    • Well done Lynn! Great to hear an update from you this morning. Sounds like more cool, events coming up. Looking forward to A Night at the NESS especially!

      • Thanks Andrew, I'll keep you update on the progress!

  • Happy to share that thanks to the QTen group, Appsure has secured some new business providing bespoke HubSpot training.  I'm happy to discuss with any other community members any training requirements they may have to get the best from their HubSpot application.

    Thanks to Andrew Smith and the ABN community for supporting Appsure.

    • Excellent, well done Steven. Great to hear that your activity is paying off already (with more to come, I'm sure!)!

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