• Thanks guys, it’s interesting to think what others think/feel about it.

  • I've had a few people troll my business - especially on Twitter and Facebook.

    And quite franky... when you look at the profiles of these people, they really should know better (one person who was particularly nasty had a business that ensured other businesses where up to a professional standard... hardly a good reflection on their own business!).

    Thankfully, hasn't happened that often though.

  • Ugh I hate trolls! When looking after the social media for other companies, it's annoying when people take out their frustration on your posts, they don't consider how this can hurt businesses. I'm all for constructive critism, but sometimes the comments are just petty. Luckily, I don't think we have had this on ABNC socials, that I can remember over the past 4.5yrs anyway! 

    To those who do it to competitors, I feel they're just not confident enough in themselves and the standard of their work. At the end of the day it's just sad to see! 

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