Podcast Recommendations?

Hello Everyone, it’s been a while since I was last active and keen to get back into the networking. So thought I would start out by looking for some general advice from all of you lovely people 😊 So do you have any podcast recommendations?

Very blessed to have such wonderful routes for running during lockdown. Despite being a farmers daughter I never tire of these views or the beautiful beasts I get to interact with. Decided to combine my running with PhD studies recently and have found that podcasts on Disney that I have been listening to vastly improve my pace.

6428732691?profile=RESIZE_400xSo looking for any recommendations on any #marketing #innovation #learninginnovation #creativity podcasts that you love to listen to. Thanks in advance for your insights 😊

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  • Hi Tracy, lovely to see you back with us here :) 

    A few members have their own podcasts I believe, sometimes advertising them here.. hopefully you'll have a few comments from them.

    Personally I love crime and spooky podcasts, but I also recommend Jay Shetty - Purpose & Russell Brand - Under the Skin which I think may suit what you're looking for :) 

    • Hi Jessie

      Thank you 😊  I will have a look at those  what spooky ones are worth listening to.  I'm a bit of a horror fanatic and love the storytelling approach as my mind can be much scarier than the movies can 🤣


      • My favourites are Casefile, which is more telling the story of each case. 

        I also love Mile Higher Podcast, it's a husband & wife team who have a more chilled approach and discuss crime/paranormal/conspiracys 

  • You could try the Waffle Free Storytelling podcast from Tina Konstant.



    The Waffle-Free Storytelling Podcast - Tina Konstant
    Welcome to The Waffle-Free Storytelling Podcast! It is what it says on the tin: waffle-free storytelling! Turning coffee breaks into mini-adventures…
    • Hi Mark

      Thanks so much for the recommendation.  Will give it a try soon. Appreciate it!

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